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Business & Project Consulting

Our impact-oriented consultants will help you refine your vision, set clear plans, and choose the right strategy to lead your project or business to success.

With our holistic consulting approach, we work closely with you from ideation and strategy development to implementation. It includes Business Plan and Strategy development, Project development and design, and Market analysis.

Creative Writing & Design

We don’t just write; we paint the impactful story of your business brand or project through the art of words, colors, and numbers.

We assist you in generating value and delivering impact through storytelling by creating authentic content that captures your audience’s attention. Helping you with Content Marketing, Infographics, Ghostwriting, Visual Storytelling, and Copywriting.

Sustainability & Future

We believe in innovative projects and businesses that foster growth, prosperity, sustainability, and a green future. We help our clients in creating value and transformations by incorporating implementable approaches that connect sustainability with their projects or business models.

Our area of focus is on a sustainable project or business growth strategy, Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility, Life Cycle Assessment, Circular Economy, and Eco-design tools

Coaching & Trainings

For over 5 years, we have made a positive impact on over 5000 individuals through our mentorship, coaching, and training programs.

We offer customized training to a diverse audience, including youth, entrepreneurs, startup founders, business leaders, and top executives.

Equipping individuals with entrepreneurship skills, Public Speaking, Executive Coaching, Team building sessions, Career guidance

Trusted consulting company with 5+ years experience.

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UjuziSmart Consult is a consultancy and training firm dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, NGOs, and both private and public institutions in achieving impactful outcomes in their projects and businesses through creative, innovative, and sustainable solutions.

Our team consists of professional experts, consultants, mentors, and coaches with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in project and business development. This includes prolific writers, editors, creative designers, marketers, data scientists, researchers, business and policy analysts.


Our vision is to become the most valued project or business partner for our clients by delivering impact through innovative and sustainable solutions.


Our mission is to provide creative and innovative solutions that foster individual and business growth and sustainability through our consultancy and training services.

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Location: Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

Phone: +255 764 191 504